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Zoom Wax melts

Wax melts


Our wax melts are a convenient way to enjoy our scents repeatedly without a open flame. Wax melts typically get used with wax burners. They are made with soy wax, which makes them melt fairly fast. You definitely won't regret using these wax melts.


Black Ice- Black Ice smells just like the tree scents that you can buy for your car.Its a very masculine fragrance. Notes: 


Middle -violet,lavender,jasmine 

Base-Sandlewood, musk

Caribbean Teakwood-Another masculine fragrance that is bold and and very "earthy".

Top-Peppercorn, Ginger,Spice 

Middle-Tobacco Leaf, Teakwood 

Base-Sandalwood ,Amber, Dark Musk 

Champagne Kisses- Champagne Kisses is a very seductive scent. With hints of amber and sugar its one of our favorites. It has a very light and airy feel.This candle is perfect for an calm evening with a glass of wine or Champagne.(lol)


Middle-Plum,Black Cherry 

Base-Amber,Sugar,Light Musk,Freesia,Vanilla

Egyptian Amber- One of our top sellers! Egyptian Amber is perfect for the people who love the "warm" scents. It's utterly calming and not too harsh(for those sensitive to smell).You literally can't go wrong with this one.


Middle-Leather,Patchouli,Sandalwood,Tonka Bean 

Base:Amber,Dark Musk,Light Musk,Powder


Eucalyptus-Our Eucalyptus scent meant to calm and soothe the body and mind. 


Middle-Eucalyptus Leaves 


Jamaica Me Crazy-Very Tropical, heavy on the pineapple. People love this scent and they say it reminds them of The "jamaica me happy"drink. This is our hands down best-seller.

Top- Orange ,Apple, Pineapple 

Middle-Jasmine,Honeydew Melon, Coconut 

Base- Rum,Vanilla 

Lavender-The classic lavender, that everyone loves. 

Top: Bergamot,Lemon 



Peach- Our peach scent is truly one of a kind. While its prominent in having a overall peachy smell, there's a sweet twist to it.




Very Berry-Originally known as "Black Raspberry Vanilla". This sweet scent is very potent and full of berry aromas.




Plumeria-Our plumeria scent is very generous in its essence. It has a very sophisticated nature and is very lovely.Sweet and gentle.

Top-Green Leaves,Guava 



Wax melts



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